And the Winner Is … Wilderwood!

Hautism, Wilderwood’s documentary directed by Christopher Roybal at Incredible Films, has been recognized with an Award of Merit: Short Documentary/Disability Issues in the Best Shorts Film Festival, an international event.

We are so honored and grateful that the story of Wilderwood and autistic adults is receiving such exposure and recognition.


The arena sand has been delivered! Next step is raking and smoothing, then creating a sliding gate, and finally returning the railroad ties and letters back to the arena.

Introducing our Volunteer Coordinator

Wilderwood is proud to introduce and welcome our Volunteer Coordinator, Lindsey Lopez. Lindsey will be active in coordinating the schedules and training of our volunteers, as well as taking a leading role in Wilderwood’s special events. We are excited to have someone with Lindsey’s expertise and passion for involvement in the community, and are thrilled that she has chosen to take on this role with Wilderwood.

Here’s a little more about Lindsey:

Lindsey is a mom of a sweet little horse loving gal and two pups. Currently she works as a Professional Development Consultant at the University of New Mexico’s Center for Development & Disability. She has an educational background in Occupational Therapy, Holistic Health, Religious Studies, Public Health, and Early Childhood Education. She currently holds a Master’s Degree in Public Health, is a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, a Certified Community Health Worker, and holds a Level II Infant Mental Health Endorsement. She has a background working as an Occupational Therapy provider within school based settings, Developmental Disability Waiver, Early Intervention, and working as a Center Director in a preschool setting of ages 0-5 years.

Lindsey enjoys giving back to the community in a variety of ways and in her spare time she enjoys hiking with her family and practicing Yoga. Her expertise is in building relationships, outreach, and as a lifelong learner. Among the many things about the fulfilling work at Wilderwood, she enjoys supporting the growth of this program to change the lives of so many within the community and beyond.

For more information about volunteering at Wilderwood, please see our Volunteers page at:

Lindsey Lopez, our new Volunteer Coordinator, getting some tips from Odie about Wilderwood.

What are you doing on Wednesday, May 26?

Are you a parent, grandparent, partner, or peer of an autistic person — or just want some insight into autism? Want to discuss real challenges and real solutions with people who know autism best?

So do we! Come and visit with the Ask an Autistic panel at Wilderwood on May 26 at 6:00 p.m. for the next Ask an Autistic event. Live and in-person, a panel of autistic adults are ready to hear and respond to your questions.

Seats are limited. Please RSVP and obtain tickets here.

Fourth Wednesday of each month
The next Ask an Autistic event is scheduled for Wednesday, May 26
Outdoor Classroom at Wilderwood Equine Therapy
7 Wildwood Lane
Peralta, NM 87042
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
$10 donation to Wilderwood

COVID-safe practices are in effect at Wilderwood’s events.

Ask An Autistic: April 28, 2021

We had just about every type of weather imaginable with the possible exception of snow. There was sunshine, rain, clouds, wind, warmth, cold, damp, dry, and occasional gusts of what could have passed for a Force 9 gale. Despite the weather’s temerity, we braved the elements and held our first ever Ask an Autistic event.

In terms of content, it was hugely successful. The panelists were wonderful and provided thoughtful insight to the questions posed by parents of autistic children. It was extremely informative and the two hours passed by very quickly.

In between dashing under the patio cover when rain literally fell on our parade half way through, and shivering in the temperatures that dipped into the mid to low 50s, the audio — which we had been concerned about — worked beautifully. The same cannot be said for the video. And so our first event actually turned into a podcast/audio only. Next time for sure we’ll have the video to accompany the audio!

Below are some pictures of the Outdoor Classroom where the event was held — at least until the rain came when we moved to the covered patio. It served a fine purpose in keeping us dry, even though not as pretty as the Outdoor Classroom.

Investing in the Community

Wilderwood is very fortunate to have been selected as one of the 2021 Facebook Community Action Grant recipients! The Facebook Los Lunas Data Center is geographically close to us and is, like Wilderwood, demonstrating its commitment to the community — investing in the people who live and work here. Recognizing the important of community involvement is a priority of Wilderwood, and we are so grateful to have our program recognized and supported by a member of our local community.

The Facebook Community Action Grant that Wilderwood received will sponsor a number of courses for our program participants to take that will help them on their journey to greater life and work satisfaction and accomplishment. We are very grateful for the support of Facebook in this venture!

And then, as if that wasn’t enough, today we received this delightful and thoughtful package in the mail!

A thoughtful and commemorative memento from Facebook!

Gardens, Tractors, and Phenomenology

It may be an odd combination, and possibly where else but Wilderwood would it work? In our third week of the semester, participants are learning about aspects of phenomenology along with working (and learning about) a tractor and their own raised garden.

Desmond has been particularly interested in the goings-on in the Raised Gardens and can be seen below offering “assistance” (just as he did during the Pilot when he and Viv got into the gardens and sampled the carrots that were growing there).

Wilderwood’s First Week

Our first week is done! Here are some pictures taken during Prep time.

Beautiful Ode, looking angelic!
The Three Bays … waiting for lunch.
Viv’s new friend (and our photographer for the day!)
The chickens demonstrating the hard work they do at Wilderwood.
Manure management and dueling poop scooping!
Project of the Day, and taking time to talk with Rae.