The Wilderwood Horses

Wilderwood currently has four horses. Like humans, they each have their own story, personality, and likes and dislikes. We invite you to read about the Wilderwood horses and see which one is your favorite (if you can pick one! — they’re ALL beautiful!).

DESMOND (Don Desperado)

Desmond is a beautiful Oldenburg gelding who was born in Tennessee. His mother is Wradiance (Rae), a Thoroughbred / Oldenburg, and his father is the Oldenburg stallion Don Hill. Des is very playful and loves “helping.” His favorite food is watermelon.

Desi or Desmond

SAEED (Abdul Saeed)


Our beautiful Saeed sadly left us at the age of 26. He was a magnificent Arab/ Trakehner golden chestnut gelding. Trained up to 4th level dressage, Saeed had a commanding personality, yet melted for treats. We miss him enormously. Run freely, darling.

RAE (Wradiance)

Rae is a gorgeous Thoroughbred / Oldenburg bay mare. She is mom to both Desmond and The Baby. With a gentle and sweet nature, Rae is a lovely ride and responds well to the lightest touch. Her favorite treat is rose petals and she loves to roll in the round yard!

Rae (Wradiance)
(photo credit: Christopher Roybal)

VIV / BABY (Don Vivaldi)

Baby / Viv

Vivi is, and always will be, our Baby. A miracle Oldenburg foal, he was premature, had a broken leg at two weeks old, and was not expected to live. Defying the odds, he has thrived with an absolutely beautiful nature and is stunningly photogenic! His favorite treat is apples.

ODIE (Odysseus)

Odie was rescued from a Kill Pen and was a starving skeleton when he arrived here. An incredibly gentle-natured 17 hh Andalusian-Percheron cross, Odie has thrived, particularly since beginning Masterson Therapy with the very talented Karen Evans. He is now gaining strength and muscle that was lost. His favorite activity is rolling in the mud and he loves apples.