Hautism is a unique, immersive one-week retreat program for autistic women, transgender, and non-binary participants hosted by Wilderwood and Ocate Cliffs in the beautiful Sangre de Cristo mountains of northern New Mexico. Designed, led, and presented by autistic people, activities include individual and small-group discussion, reflective assignments, and fieldwork. Sessions may include equine and wildlife interaction, trauma-informed discussion, meditative practices, psycho-educational sessions, and narrative and creative therapies.

Participants identify a change for their lives and design a plan to put the ideas into action. This can include working on stronger self-perception through reframing autism positively to opening the possibility of real change through greater self-discovery and awareness.

Sessions are held in summer months at the wilderness retreat of Ocate Cliffs and group size is limited to permit the opportunity to create a safe space to share and reflect. Currently, the Hautism program focuses on autistic women, transgender, and non-binary participants and their strengths as a way to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves as autistic people.

With a program designed by autistic people, Hautism addresses multiple ways of being and living more successfully in a world fundamentally not made for us.

2023 fees: $1,600 for the one-week retreat, including accommodation and meals. The first and last days are designated as “travel days.”


Summer I: June 9 to June 15, 2023
Summer II: August 18 to August 24, 2023

Apply for Hautism here.

*Fees do not include transportation to/from Ocate Cliffs.