Hautism is a unique, immersive retreat program for autistic adults. Over the course of a week, participants complete activities comprising individual and small-group discussion, reflective assignments, and fieldwork. Sessions may include equine and wildlife interaction, community specialists, meditative practices, psychoeducational sessions, and narrative and creative therapies.

Participants identify a change for their lives and design a plan to put the ideas into action. This can include working on stronger self-perception through reframing autism positively and opening the possibility of change through greater self-discovery and awareness.

Sessions are typically held over the summer months and the group size is limited to permit the opportunity to create a safe space to share and reflect. Currently, the Hautism program focuses on autistic women and their strengths and abilities as a way to foster deeper understanding and appreciation of themselves as autistic women.

With a program designed by autistic people, Hautism addresses multiple ways of being and living more successfully in a world fundamentally not made for autistic people.

2023 fees: $1,500 for the one-week retreat (bookended travel/transition days) including accommodation.

Apply for Hautism here.

Fees do not include transportation to/from the retreat or meals.