Diversity Statement

The world needs different kinds of minds, working together. Different thinking is the place of progress, invention, and discovery.
Dr. Temple Grandin

“Choosing diversity, supporting diversity, defending, promoting, and protecting diversity – where it happens – is one of the great human strengths, and most admirable.”

Wilderwood is committed to the principles of diversity that includes both acceptance and celebration of difference among people.  This commitment is put into practice by:

  • Welcoming all persons to Wilderwood, regardless of neurodivergence, ability, national origin, ethnicity, political belief, sexual orientation, communication ability, gender, race, religion, socioeconomic status, and life experiences;
  • Inviting open dialogue and discourse, acknowledging the importance and potential found in multiple perspectives;
  • Working to create a safe space where differing opinions are treated with respect and civility in the spirit of recognizing the potential of opposing or conflicting ideas creating new syntheses in thought and action;
  • Protecting the sanctity of shelter by safeguarding against spite, hatred, and toxicity;
  • Promoting self-advocacy and participation in discourse and dialogue; and
  • Imbuing our interactions with the spirit of kindness, compassion, and humility.

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Date of adoption: January 12, 2021.