Unique Programs for Autistic Adults and Children

Wilderwood’s equine-assisted programs are an innovative and integrative approach designed for autistic adults and children (aged 8 and up) to strengthen authentic self-perception, self-possibility, and self-realization through mind/body interoceptive and somatic understanding combined with the philosophy of Hautism, which embraces and celebrates the innate connection between horses and autistic people.

Wilderwood also rescues unwanted horses, provides them a lifetime loving home, and educates the community about horses and autism.

In 2022, Wilderwood’s programs will be offered throughout the year in a compressed, immersive format for adults and twelve-week sessions for children (aged 8 and up).

The outcomes for Wilderwood’s programs include measurable improvement in:

  • Self-awareness, confidence, and connection with others
  • Positive emotional regulation and management
  • Reduced emotional distress and anxiety
  • Achievement of personal goals and aspirations
  • Improved appreciation of mind/body interoception

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or call or text (505) 459-9813

In keeping with the preference of the *actually autistic* community, we use the terms “autistic person” or “autistic.”

7 Wildwood Lane, Peralta, New Mexico
Email: wilderwoodequinetherapy@gmail.com
Tel: (505) 459-9813