Equine Experience

“A truly magical experience for those with autism, anxiety, or just valuing being with horses. A one of a kind personalized experience awaits you!”
Equine Experience participant

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to connect, really connect, with a horse? The basis of that connection with humans is something we describe as a philosophy of Hautism, and is drawn from the inherent and innate connections between horses and autistic people. Horses seek congruity, and can bring that out in you. Learn to let go of the patina and overlay demanded of you in the world outside Wilderwood, and permit yourself to engage in the experience of connecting with a horse at a level that can result in less stress, freeing up your imagination to foster resolution of problems and re-framing of personal challenges.

Spend an hour in Wilderwood’s beautiful facility and select one of the horses or allow one of the horses to pick you. Experiences always take place on the ground, but may be in different locations at Wilderwood, including the covered arena, covered roundyard, orchard, pasture, or back lands.

Equine Experiences are typically held on Sunday afternoons and are offered between March and November.

Fee: $150, all-inclusive, one-hour session. Use the booking link below to sign up.

  • All experiences are supported by experienced equine facilitators
  • On-ground (not mounted)
  • By appointment only
  • No prior horse experience necessary
  • Minimum age 8 years
  • Individual sessions only