My Brain is Au-Some/Sia Spark

Recently, we asked if autistic people wanted to share their talent via Wilderwood’s blog. This is an opportunity to celebrate autistic writers, thinkers, artists, musicians, and poets. We have had some amazing pieces submitted and are proud to share them here over the coming weeks and months.

We thank all of the contributors for sharing their work with Wilderwood in the spirit of sharing and promoting autistic people. Wilderwood is an autistic community and we engage with our autistic members as well as reaching beyond into the broader community in multiple ways: this is just one of them.

Please take a moment to enjoy the beautiful artwork of Sia Spark, below. Her piece is entitled “My Brain is Au-Some” and features beautiful, strong colors in a stunning mix of whimsy and boldness. Sia is a late-diagnosed Autistic woman who is a freelance illustrator. In Sia’s words, the artwork below “reflects my experience of finally understanding my brain and embracing myself so that I can truly flourish (for the first time ever!).”

Sia is open to commission requests, including book covers, picture books, children’s books, digital marketing, original character design and more! To support Sia and see more of this amazing illustrator’s artwork, please visit the website:

“My Brain is Au-Some” / Sia Spark