We are so enormously grateful to EquiSeq and Haw Creek Animal Hospital for their support of Wilderwood. Last month, EquiSeq and Haw Creek Animal Hospital staged a joint fundraiser that has raised $10,000 for Wilderwood.

Many of you know that Wilderwood adopted the beautiful palomino mare, Lady Faith, from EquiSeq. Faith has the condition PSSM2 n1/K1 and is the mare in which the K1 allele of COL6A3 was discovered through whole-genome sequencing.

Faith is an amazing addition to our home and program, and has fit in well with her new stablemates (two of whom also have PSSM2). Perhaps understandably, Wilderwood as part of its mission is committed to raising awareness about PSSM. Faith has a lifelong home with us, and we are honored to have her here.

At our Open Day on Saturday (more pictures to come soon), Faith permitted Odie, who had been dressed up as a Halloween skeleton for the occasion, to wear her recently won 6th place rosette ribbon. Faith placed in a photo competition held by the PSSM Awareness Foundation based in the UK!