Ask An Autistic: April 28, 2021

We had just about every type of weather imaginable with the possible exception of snow. There was sunshine, rain, clouds, wind, warmth, cold, damp, dry, and occasional gusts of what could have passed for a Force 9 gale. Despite the weather’s temerity, we braved the elements and held our first ever Ask an Autistic event.

In terms of content, it was hugely successful. The panelists were wonderful and provided thoughtful insight to the questions posed by parents of autistic children. It was extremely informative and the two hours passed by very quickly.

In between dashing under the patio cover when rain literally fell on our parade half way through, and shivering in the temperatures that dipped into the mid to low 50s, the audio — which we had been concerned about — worked beautifully. The same cannot be said for the video. And so our first event actually turned into a podcast/audio only. Next time for sure we’ll have the video to accompany the audio!

Below are some pictures of the Outdoor Classroom where the event was held — at least until the rain came when we moved to the covered patio. It served a fine purpose in keeping us dry, even though not as pretty as the Outdoor Classroom.