It is exciting to see the product of hard work and lots of early mornings/late nights in real, tangible form. Below are the covers of the textbooks that have just been completed for Semesters 1 and 2 of Wilderwood’s curriculum. Semester 3 (the final textbook in the series) is still in the “hard work, early mornings, late nights” phase).

When we set out nearly four years ago to develop Wilderwood’s curriculum, it was because we recognized that existing programs — as good as many of them are for their contexts and goals — did not reflect what we wanted to see in our curriculum; did not reflect the outcomes we knew were important for the participants in our program.

And, most importantly, we wanted authentic autistic voices driving the content and goals of the curriculum.

Months (years) and hundreds of work hours later, we can see and tangibly touch the essence of the program in our hands. It’s an amazing moment. The next stage is to see that same essence come to life in the hands of our participants.