Run freely, darling

Tragically, at 2:12 p.m. on May 22, 2020 our darling boy Saeed left us. He fought heroically for five days. His indomitable spirit did not let him down, nor did the overwhelming love that we have for this horse let him down, nor the veterinary care he received and the numerous outcalls and treatments and medications and IV fluids.

What failed Saeed in the end was his age and his kidneys.

Even to the end this horse strived to show us how much he loved us and loved being here as part of our lives. With his blood pressure falling, kidneys failing, having lost at least 100 pounds, not having eaten for five days and barely drinking water, in his last few moments with us he playfully picked up a stick and looked back at us as if to say “I love you.”

Even the specter of dying could not crush this beautiful soul.

Saeed, your spirit is here with us. We hear you in the wind through the cottonwoods; we feel you in the warmth of the breeze and the sunshine; we know you will be there in the cool calm of the mornings and the copper gold fire of the sunsets that shine brilliantly bright like the amazing gold hue of your coat. You are with us when the wind chimes blow, you are with us when we rattle the chicken scratch container, or lift the lid of the treat bin.

You are running in the back lands with your herd and we hear you, we feel you.

Wilderwood and our lives will not be the same without you, and yet you will be here with us in our hearts — always. Thank you for the blessing of your magnificent life and the difference you brought to the many lives that you touched … especially ours.

Run freely, darling.

March 5, 1994 – May 22, 2020
The horses at Wilderwood lined up without prompting and entirely on their own accord to honor and say goodbye to their herdmate and friend. They are truly amazing animals.