What a difference five months makes. Below, on the right, is a photo of Odie when he first arrived with us in December 2018. Next to it, on the left, is a photo taken yesterday of Odie.

His muscle tone is coming back (thanks to good feed, therapeutic exercise, and massage) as is his weight. Yesterday, we felt he was strong and ready enough for a first ride! He did great, though we are taking it slowly. There is still such a long road to recovery. He looked absolutely magnificent being ridden with the dappled sunshine through the cottonwood trees dancing on his beautiful mane and tail.

Afterwards, because the day was so warm, we bathed him (his first bath here). This marked the final elimination of all physical traces of his horrendous experience at the Kill Pen. He had a nap in the afternoon sunshine and breeze, which dried him, and then had an early supper — which he enjoyed immensely.

The difference five months can make, along with lots and LOTS of love, attention, good food, exercise, grooming … and did we mention LOVE?!