With five ever-hungry horses, preparing and planting the pasture for summer grazing is an imperative task! All winter, we added organic matter to both the front and back pastures and were fortunate enough to (finally!) procure a tiller to help better prepare the soil. In February it was time to test the sprinkler system — and repair many of the sprinklers knocked over by the horses last season!

Now, in early March, it’s time to plant the seed. We chose an Equestrian Mix from a local nursery and seeded into the newly-tilled and turned earth. It smells so good and, well, earthy! While Mark drove the tractor, I sat perched on the bucket, hand sowing the seed and waving royally like a Queen!

Newly-tilled soil, ready for planting grass seed from our local Trees That Please nursery.
Four types of seed in this one “Equestrian Mix.” With a little help from some spore-enhancing growth powder from our local Soil Secrets, we’re hoping the pasture will look green and lush in no time!
Waving from the bucket of the tractor to one skilled operator and tractor driver — and a pretty darn good husband, too!
Water! The gift of life … and hopefully lots of summertime grass for hungry horses!