Odysseus (“Odie”), our beautiful, sweet, and gentle Andalusian/Percheron cross, continues to make progress back to health since we rescued him from a kill pen in November 2018. He is starting to gain some muscle strength in his hindquarters and along his back, and his ribs are slowly protruding less and less.

Vet check shows he’s a healthy boy! — apart from being a little low on iron and potassium. He loves his iron and molasses tonic, and is, of course, on feed supplements as well as a nicely balanced mix of grains and a combination of very green, leafy alfalfa and quality grass hay.

Odie’s character is amazingly gentle and kind (look at that face below!). He and “The Baby” (aka Vivaldi) are getting along famously and have become fast friends. Desmond, being his usual cheeky self, is very playful around Odie and we think it won’t be long before Odie is out running around with the young ones with as much exuberance as they have for life and living!

We are so grateful to have had the opportunity to give this beautiful boy another chance at life, and will update his progress as he continues his return to full health and vitality.

Odie, shortly after his arrival at Wilderwood: December 21, 2018